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As a young girl and long before she could remember remembering, there were two things in T.K. Lukas’s life: books, and horses. And mostly, the books she read were about horses. When she reached eleven years of age, her father surprised her with a birthday gift — her very own horse — a palomino gelding named “Thomas Dandy.” Dan, as she called him, was the first male to whom she gladly gave her heart. Endless summer days were spent with T.K. galloping Dan bare-back through the woods, grooming him, reading to him, drawing sketches of him, and imprinting his wonderful sweaty-horse scent into her memory bank. Unfortunately, it was a short love affair.

Two years later, a personal family tragedy caused her to have to surrender Dan to another owner. Depressed and rebellious, at times the only things to get T.K. through her misery were the stories playing out in her head, fanciful tales of magical horses — fast horses with swift hooves and kind eyes. The horses she conjured in her dreams would always be at the ready to spirit her away from any sadness. And through the years, horses - and books - would always be her constant, most dependable companions. 

T.K.’s life experiences and world travels fuel the native Texan’s ever-expanding imagination, which she pours into everything she writes. Combining history with fiction, fact with fantasy, she delivers stories that, at some point along the narrative, always have horses making their presence known.

Her debut novel, Orphan Moon, published in 2015, quickly became an Kindle international best seller in several countries and on a variety of categorical lists, from U. S. Historical Fiction to Western Romance. Soon after its release, Orphan Moon was chosen as a top-five-finalist in the 2015 Writers’ League of Texas Manuscript Contest, placing in the Historical Fiction category. Additionally, it was awarded the Bronze Medal in the 2016 Readers' Favorite Book Award contest for Western Fiction, and was selected as a medal finalist in The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards for adult fiction. It was recently chosen as a 2016 semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Awards category for literary fiction.

If the Devil Had a Dog, her second novel, is a contemporary suspense thriller. It was published December 17th, 2015. It, too, quickly became a Kindle international best seller, hitting the #1 spot in both the U.S. and Germany in several categories, such as Action/Adventure, Romantic Suspense, and Suspense/Thriller.

An active member of the Historical Novel Society, Writers’ League of Texas, International Thriller Writers' Association, and Romance Writers of America, the author continues to hone her craft by attending conferences, workshops, and seminars. In conjunction, she works closely and tirelessly with editors, artists, and graphic designers to ensure that what she brings to the reader is a quality product. In February, 2016, T.K. was featured in BookDaily as an "emerging author," and IF THE DEVIL HAD A DOG was featured in The Big Thrill, the online magazine for the International Thriller Writers' Association.

T.K. and her husband live in north-central Texas on a small ranch they share with a variety of four-legged friends: equine, canine, feline, and bovine. Their three grown children are scattered across the globe. When not on horseback, T.K. enjoys international travel, snow skiing, photography, and collecting antique deviled egg plates. (The egg plates are a long story — please email her for that explanation. She’ll be delighted to share it with you, along with some favorite deviled egg recipes!)

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