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"Wow! T.K. Lukas' intriguing characters pull you in and the story keeps you turning the pages."

Suzanne Ferrell - USA Today Best-selling author

The new thriller by T.K. Lukas, If the Devil Had a Dog, will touch a lot of people in many ways. Far too many of them, from the most feminine to the hardest of veterans, will be able to closely relate to the distress and anxiety detailed in Lukas's new novel. Some of the chilling-but-thrilling scenes may leave you wondering how much of what you're reading is fiction, and how much of it is a shared, terrifying moment in history. However, as if to help you recover from the moment, the next few words might make you laugh out loud, or stop for a bit to consider a thought-provoking idea. If the Devil Had a Dog: full of surprises and highly recommended.

      Gary B. Haley - Author of The Attunement and The Scrapbook Lecture

"This book is a layered, complex thriller that took me in unexpected directions. At first I worried that the heroine, Sydney, was going to be a damsel-in-distress, but boy, was I WRONG! She's a tough lady, made tougher by her circumstances. Her relationship with hero Markus unfolds organically, and in the end, they save each other. Without giving too much away, the story has multiple twists and turns, and I enjoyed the fast pace. The book is not for the weak hearted-there is some hardcore violence and scary stuff-but the heart of the story is about who you are when the going gets tough. The characters are numerous and well written, easy to get to know, and I enjoyed the arcs of their development and growth. The book as a whole has a cinematic quality to it-you can easily see it becoming a film or episodic TV show. Good stuff!"

      SuzanneMax - Amazon Reader 5-Star Review

"In a word? Un-put-down-able. The characters are so carefully delineated you can hear them breathe. Even the secondary characters, both good and bad, are so alive that you feel as if they are part of your world. The story reels you in, from the smashing first line and delivers until the end. Readers won't want to shelve these characters. More books, please!"

      I. Eishen - Amazon Reader 5-Star Review

"Being contemporary, the book is nothing like her first book, “Orphan Moon,” but it shares the same good writing and clear love of her craft. If you are in the mood for a soft, sweet romance, this is not the book for you as it features a bad-ass Marine, strong female, sex, and violence. As a stand-alone novel, it could be a movie. If we can beg her for sequels, it could be a thrilling TV series."

      Grammar Dowager - Amazon Reader 5-Star Review

"This was a suspense filled read that had me dying to get back to it every time I had to put it down. It wasn't like any other book I ever read. More twists and turns than a pretzel."

      S. Goodwin - Amazon Reader 5-Star Review




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